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Trendy magazine cutout effect

Two ways to create this fun and trendy paper cut out effect in Fireworks.

Paste Inside

Fireworks Masking Effects Using Bitmap Masking

Popular vignette or fading image effect for blending your images into the background. Using Fireworks Add Mask button you'll convert a feathered selection into a faded mask effect.

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Paste Inside

Paste Inside Masking Tutorial

In this Fireworks tutorial you'll learn how to place one image inside of another image using vector masking and the Paste Inside technique.

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Cloning an Area of One Image to a Specified Area of Another Image

Learn how to combine Bitmap Selection tools with the Rubber Stamp tool to copy an area from one image into a constrained area of another image.

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Custom Color Swatches

Custom Color Palettes

Learn how to create your own custom color palettes in Fireworks without being an expert on color.

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Isolating Changing Color of an Object

Isolating and Changing the Color of an Object by Combining Selection Tools

Fireworks tutorial designed to help you learn to combine your selection tools to isolate difficult objects

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