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Step 5: Removing the bottom image through Erasing or Masking

Once you've gotten your mask the way you like, you may need to go back and remove parts of the bottom image. Depending on the images you're using, you may not need to do this final step. Sometimes the second image is smaller and parts of the bottom image will still be visible.

In my image here, you can see that parts of the hammer are showing through. We can use either the Eraser Tool (E) and erase the areas or we can mask them. Since this lesson is on masking, we'll mask out the bottom image. Whenever possible I will use masking over bitmap erasing to preserve my images. I never know when I'll need to edit the original.

Click on the background image to select it.

Add a bitmap mask to the image using one of the techniques described in Step 3.

Select the Brush Tool (B) and with the Stroke set to black, draw over the hammer to hide it.

Layers Panel Masking

And your final image:

Final masked image

What if your image was over a non-solid colored background such as a person holding a phone in a conference room? Would you stil be able to create the effect? You bet you can:-)

To find out how as well as learn more about creating masking effects in Fireworks MX, check out our Selections and Masking Techniques Training CD by clicking here.


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