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Step 6: Creating the Masking Effect

We're finally ready to create the masking effect!

  1. Lock all the layers
  2. Create a new layer and name it Mask_Shape
  3. Select the Pen Tool and draw out a shape around the parts of the cans where you want to hide the text. For example, in the image below, I drew a shape around the top left can which is where I want the text to "go behind" the cans.


  1. Make the Mask_Shape layer a mask layer by right-clicking on the layer and choosing Mask from the drop down menu. This will automatically lock the layer and you'll be able to preview the masking effect.


  1. Preview your movie by clicking Control-Enter/Command-Enter
  2. Save your movie

If parts of your text are still visible over the cans, go back and unlock your Mask_Shape and adjust the mask to cover more of the cans.

OPTIONAL STEP 1: Creating the Animated Text Shadow

  1. You can quickly and easily create a shadow effect for your text animation by copying the Text_MC at Frame 1 (right-click on Frame 1 of the Text_MC layer)
  2. Paste the copied frame on a New Layer by right-clicking at Frame 1 of the new layer and choosing Paste Frames
  3. Drag the new layer to the bottom of the other 4 layers
  4. Name the layer Shadow_Text
  5. Change the Tint of the copied Text_MC layer to a light gray by selecting it and going to the Property inspector and selecting Tint from the Color option.
  6. Reposition the shadow Text_MC by Scaling and Rotating it. You may also need to resize the movie clip.

OPTIONAL STEP 2: Creating One Movie Clip From All Layers

You may want to convert all 5 layers to a single movie clip. This will make it easier to move your movie around. It will also make it easier to resize your movie if you need to.

  1. Click on the top layer at Frame 1 and drag down to the bottom to select all frames
  2. With all layers selected, go up to Edit > Copy Frames
  3. Go to Insert > New Symbol... and create a new Movie Clip named Animated Text_MC
  4. Right-click in Frame 1 of the new movie clip and choose Paste Frames from the drop down menu
  5. Return to the main stage by clicking Control-E/Command-E
  6. Create a new layer
  7. Delete the bottom 5 layers, you no longer need them
  8. Open the Library (Control-L/Command-L) and from the Library, drag an instance of Animated Text_MC to the stage. You now have a movie clip you can easily drag around the stage.
  9. Test your movie
  10. Save your movie


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We've added 4 New Movies to our Flash 5 source files cd! These include detailed videos on:

1. Tell Target/With
2. Dynamic Text 1
3. Dynamic Text 2
4. Animated Fly Out menu Part 2

About the CDROM:
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