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Flash MX: 3D Text Rotation Animation

Version: Flash MX
Level: Medium
Objectives: To create and animate text around an object or image in Flash MX
Tools & Techniques: Masking, Animation, Fireworks MX, Text Around Path, Exporting From Fireworks to Flash,
Source File: Download

This next lesson is by far one of my favorite effects. It's been a popular logo effect for years and has been created in a variety of programs. We'll be using Flash MX to create the majority of this effect but we'll also be getting a little help from Fireworks MX.

Speaking of Fireworks, let's start out in Fireworks MX to create our circular text. You could use another graphics program to create your circular text such as Freehand or Illustrator, but we'll be using Fireworks for this example.

Step 1: Creating Text Around the Path In Fireworks MX

In this first page of the tutorial we'll be working in Fireworks MX to create our text around a path. If you already know how to do this you can skip to Page 2 and begin creating the effect in Flash MX.

  1. Begin by typing out your text. This can be a sentence, a group of words, or the same word repeated.


  1. Next, select the Ellipse Tool (U) and draw out a perfect circle by holding down the Shift key as you drag out your circle.
  2. Select both your text and your circle by either Shift-Clicking each object or using the Pointer Tool (V) (the black arrow) to drag a selection around parts of each object.
  3. With both the text and the path (circle) selected, go up to Text > Attach To Path. This will wrap your text around the circle. You may need to make some additional adjustments to your text once it's on the path. If you see that your text is too small, you can increase the font size in the Property inspector the same way you would normal text. Conversely, if you see that some of your words are missing on the path, you will want to reduce your font size.

Note: After you have your font size adjusted, you may still need to adjust some spacing between the words. You do this by adjusting the Kerning. I had to increase my kerning by 1 as you can see in the image below:


Step 2: Exporting From Fireworks To Flash

There are several ways to get our Fireworks graphics to Flash. For this example, we'll use the new Quick Export button in Fireworks MX.

Note: If I were working in a production environment, I would chose the shortcut keys, Control-Shift-R/Command-Shift-R to bring up the Export window since I can work faster that way. That being said, I still think the Quick Export button is a very clever and helpful tool for new users.

  1. Click the Quick Export button in the top right corner of your Fireworks MX document and select Macromedia Flash > Export swf...
  2. In the Flash swf Export Options window, set Objects to Maintain Paths
  3. For the Text option, set it to Maintain Editability


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