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Step 5: Setting the Stage

Now we're ready to bring in the object we're going to rotate the text around. I have a graphic of some cans that were created in a 3D program but of course, ANY object or image can be used here.

  1. Import an image or graphic into Flash MX by clicking Control-R/Command-R and browsing to your image
  2. Select your image and convert it to a Graphic by clicking F8. Give your graphic a name.
  3. Place the graphic on it's own layer and name the layer
  4. Name the layer with the Text_MC


  1. Skew and rotate (click the Q key to select the Free Transform tool) the Text_MC so it resembles the image below. You may need to resize the Text_MC as well. Don't worry about not being able to view the areas of the Text_MC that are obstructed by the cans graphic. We'll get to that next:-)
skew and rotate


  1. Create a new layer and name it Cans2
  2. Duplicate Frame 1 of the Cans_Graphic layer by right-clicking on Frame 1 (of the Cans_Graphic layer) and selecting Copy Frames from the drop down menu
  3. Paste the frame on Frame 1 of the Cans2 layer by right-clicking on Frame 1 and choosing Paste Frames from the drop down menu
  4. Drag the Cans2 layer BELOW the Text_MC layer so the Text_MC layer is in the middle


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