QuickTime: Creating A Slide Show

Step 1. Begin with a series of images you'd like to use to create the slide show. Make sure all images you want in the slide show are all together in the same folder and that there are no images in the folder you do not want in the folder. Make sure to optimize and resize them beforehand. You can use nearly any type of format for the slide show: .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, etc.

Step 2. Open QuickTime and then go to File>Open Image Sequence...

Step 3. Navigate to the folder containing the images you want to include in the slide show. Open the folder and click on any ONE of the images.

QuickTime will process ALL the images in the folder so you don't have to add each images. Click OPEN once you've selected any of the images.

Step 4. The Image Sequence Settings dialog window will open.


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