QuickTime: Picture In Picture Effect

This is a fun little trick inspired by TV You can create a smaller movie that plays inside your main movie.

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Open Two or more movies
  2. Copy one of the movies

Select one of the movie and click Command-A/Control-A to select the entire movie and then click Command-C/Control-C to copy the data.

Step 3: Adding the data to the other movie

Select the other movie. Make sure the Playback Head is at the beginning by clicking the Go To Beginning button. Add the data by going up to Edit>Add.

Step 4: Selecting the Newly Added Video Track

  1. Open the Movie Properties by going up to Movie>Get Movie Properties
  2. Click the left drop down menu and choose Video Track 2. The last movie in the list will be the last movie added. In this example, it's Video Track 2.
  3. On the right drop down menu, select Size

Step 5: Adjusting the Video Track 2's size/position

  1. Click the Adjust button. This will bring up the selection handles around the movie.
  2. You can click inside the movie and drag anywhere to position it.
  3. Select the Red Handles to scale the movie.



Click Done to exit the Properties window



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