QuickTime: Protecting Your Movies

You can help prevent people from saving your movies by disabling the "Save As QuickTime Movie.." feature. It should be noted, however, that this won't guarantee someone who's motivated enough won't get his or her grimy hands on your movies, but it will foil the newbie.

You can accomplish this one way by disabling the "kioskmode" feature in QuickTime By default this is set to "false" meaning the movie will allow saving. It's also not displayed in the embed code because it's "false" by default. This is the normal code for your movies in an HTML page:

<embed src="mymovie.mov" width="640" height="496">


Here you can see how to add the code: kiosk="true" to disable the saving feature:

<embed src="mymovie.mov" width="640" height="496" kioskmode="true">

You can see in the example above that the "Save As QuickTime Movie..." has been removed from the movie options.

Just by adding that little bit of code to your movies you can stop the average Joe from saving your movies:)




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