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Photoshop: Creating A Custom Brush From An Image

Step 1: Getting Started

Open an image or graphic

Note: whatever size your image is when you make it a brush will be the size of the brush. For example, if you take an image 30x30, your custom brush will be that size. If you need more than one size for your new brush, you'll have to repeat the steps to create a new brush for each size you desire.

Here's the image I opened, then scaled down using the Image>Image Size...


Step 2: Defining the Image as a Brush

  1. Once you have your image sized the way you like, go to Edit>Define Brush...
  2. A dialog box will pop up and you can enter a Name for the brush

Step 3: Appling your Custom Brush

  1. Select it by clicking the brush icon in the Toolbar
  2. Go up to the Brush Options menu and clicking the drop down arrow.
  3. Scroll down until you see the brush you created. Generally, it will be the last brush in the drop down palette.
  4. Click it to make that the current brush


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