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Step 2: Adding the ScrollPane Component

If your Movie Clip is on your stage go a head and select it and delete it. We don't need it on the stage anymore. We only need to have it in the Library so don't delete it from the Library.

  1. Open your Components panel by going to Window>Components
  2. Drag the ScrollPane Component to your stage
  3. Position the ScrollPane where you want it in your movie
Components Panel


Step 3: Customizing the ScrollPane

Now I want to make the ScrollPane fit in my movie and set a couple of parameters for which way I want it to scroll.

  1. For Scroll Content, enter the exact name you named your Movie Clip. In my example, that would be "thumbnailscroll".
  2. Next, click on Horizontal Scroll and set it to "true"
  3. Set Vertical Scroll to "false"
  4. Leave Drag Content to "false"

Note: If you are loading your movie clip images or text dynamically, you would most likely leave the Horizontal and Vertical Scroll fields set to "auto" since this option will only add the scroll bars if the content is greater than the ScrollPane.


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