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Flash MX: Using the ScrollPane Component

Version: Flash MX
Source Files: Download
Objectives: This Flash tutorial will introduce you to incorporating the Flash MX ScrollPane component into your movies for the purpose of scrolling thumbnails to load external .swf movies.
Tools & Techniques: ScrollPane Component, Property inspector, Movie Clips, ActionScript, Symbol Properties and Linkage

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Step 1: Getting Started

We started by creating a new Flash movie and then creating 8 graphic symbols that will be used as our thumbnails. We also created larger .swf movies for each thumbnail that we'll later load into the main movie.

While this isn't necessary for demonstrating how to create and use the ScrollPane, we thought it would be of greater benefit to demonstrate the technique in a complete project. We have a tutorial on Load Movie.

  1. Select all the graphics and/or buttons you want to scroll and convert them to a Movie Clip by clicking F8 and selecting Movie Clip.
  2. In the Name field, give your Movie Clip a name. If your Symbol window isn't already expanded, click the Advanced button to expand it
  3. Select "Export for ActionScript" under the Linkage section. You'll notice your Movie Clip's name is automatically inserted into the "Identifier" field.
MX ScrollPane Properties



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We've added 4 New Movies to our Flash 5 source files cd! These include detailed videos on:

1. Tell Target/With
2. Dynamic Text 1
3. Dynamic Text 2
4. Animated Fly Out menu Part 2

About the CDROM:
These movies are the SAME content found in our Flash 5 tutorials, but the quality is clearly better than the streaming, web-compressed format we have online with Frame Rates up to 20 TIMES FASTER and CD-ROM quality AUDIO!

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