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Photoshop Elements 2: Perspective Shadow Effect

Version: 2.0
Level: Easy
Objectives: Learn how to create realistic, perspective shadow effects for your images.
Tools & Techniques: Selections, Layers, Threshold, Gaussian Blur, Layer Styles

This is a terrific lesson for creating the special effect of having depth and perspective to your images

Step 1: Getting Started - Duplicating the Layer

We'll use the image we selected from the Inverse Selection tutorial. You of course are free to use any image you like, but you'll need to first remove the image from its background.

Duplicate your image by either:

  • Clicking the More button in the top right corner of the Layers Palette
  • Clicking and dragging the image layer down to the "Create a New Layer" icon at the bottom of the Layers Palette

Step 2: Applying a Threshold to the Image

  1. Turn off the visiblity of the top layer by clicking on the "eye" icon
  2. Select the first layer
  3. Go up to Image > Adjustments > Threshold...
  4. Drag the slider all the way to the right or enter 255 for Threshold Level
Starting Image

Step 3: Blurring the Image

  1. Go to Window > Filters > Blur and select Gaussian Blur
  2. Click Apply to apply the Gaussian Blur
  3. Enter a value around 4.5 for the Radius

Step 4: Distoring the Image

  1. Turn the top layer's visibility back on
  2. Be sure you're still selecting the first layer and go up to Image > Transform > Distort
  3. Select the top, middle handle and drag down and to the right
  4. Use the arrow keys to nudge the shadow image in place with the top image

The final image:

Final Image





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