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Your Tracing Image is now visible on your document and you can begin creating tables, layers and images around it.

Step 4: Modify the Tracing Image's Opacity

As you begin designing around the Tracing Image and you start having more elements on your page, you may start noticing you're getting confused between the Tracing Image and the newly added elements. Try reducing the opacity a bit by dragging the Transparency slider.

Modify the Tracing Image's Opacity

Step 5: Turn off the Tracing Image

  1. You can also quickly turn on and off the Tracing Image by going up to the View Options and selecting/deselecting Tracing Image.
  2. You can also go up to Modify>Page Properties and turn down opacity or delete the Tracing Image there.
Turn off the Tracing Image

Step 6: Adjust the Tracing Image's position

Adjust the position of your tracing image by going up to View>Tracing Image>Adjust Position...

  1. Enter a value for the new position.
  2. While the Adjust Tracing Image PositAdjust the Tracing Image's positionion Dialog window is open, you can also use the arrow keys to move the Tracing Image around the document.

Step 7: Aligning with Selection

You can also position the Tracing Image by aligning it with other elements in your document.

  1. Simply select an element in your document
  2. Go to View>Tracing Image>Align With Selection and the upper left corners of both the Tracing Image and the selected element will align.
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