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Dreamweaver: Understanding Null Links

Null links are undesignated links. They are needed to attach behaviors to text.

For example: Open a new document and type out the word "link".

Now, going to the Behavior Panel, click the plus sign (+) to access the drop down menu and you'll notice most of the behaviors are unavailable. What if you wanted to launch a pop up window from the word "link"?

You could type the javascript in by hand but that's why we're using Dreamweaver: to avoid handcoding routine html/javascript.

To access the Behaviors, you need to first create a null link out of the text "link".

You do this by selecting the word (in this case "link") and going up to the Properties Inspector, input the following line in the Link Field:

javascript: void(0) OR you can type the pound sign: #

Properties Inspector

Properties Inspector

Either way will work.

Now, after you've input either code into the Link Field, go back to your Behaviors Palette and click the plus sign (+) and notice how many new behaviors are available!




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