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Step 3: Editing the Points

After you've gone around the crayon, click the Pointer Hot Spot Tool and go back to any of the Corner Points to adjust their position. Just click on any of the square points and drag to reposition.

Editing the Points

Editing the Points

Step 4: Naming the Image Map

After you're satisfied with your map, go back up to the Properties Inspector and give your Map a name. When working with multiple Maps, be sure to give each a unique name.

Naming the Image Map

Step 5: Assinging the Image Map to a URL

If you have a local file you want to link to, click the Folder icon to Browse For File and point to your file. You can also type in the file name.

Assinging the Image Map to a URL

Step 6: Finishing Up

  1. Set the Alt tag
  2. Preview your page by clicking F12
Finishing Up


Step 11. Just repeat for multiple links being sure to give EACH map a unique name.

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