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Photoshop: Vignette Effect / Feathered Edges

Step 1: Getting Started

Begin by opening an image

Step 2: Creating the Selection

Using either the Rectangular or Elliptical Marquee Tools, draw out a selection over your image. This selection will be the part you want to keep. We will be discarding the parts of the image outside the selection.


Step 3: Feathering the Selection

  1. Go up to Select>Feather
  2. Choose a number for the Feather. This number is very flexible so play around with different settings.


Step 4: Reversing the Selection

Command-Shift-I/Control-Shift-I or go up to Select>Inverse to make an Inverse Selection. This will select the area outside the current selection.


Step 5: Deleting the Selection

Command-X/Control-X. This will delete the unwanted area and leave a soft feather to our image.

Deleting the Selection


Be sure to experiment with different settings when feathering.



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