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Photoshop: Text Swoosh Logo

This is a popular logo technique. It's almost too popular! For some humorous and well-written articles on the use of the "swoosh" and the "spiral" effect on logo design, check out these two links:


Step 1: Getting Started

Type out a letter A

Step 2: Creating the Swoosh Selection

  1. Create a New Layer
  2. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool, and drag out a selection around the letter

Step 3: Fillng the Selection

Select a Fill Color for the Fill. This will be the color for your swoosh

Fillng the Selection

Step 4: Creating the Swoosh

  1. Duplicate the filled layer by dragging it down to the Create New Layer button.
  2. Scale the copied layer down a bit so that it looks like the image below. (Command-T/Control-T to access the Free Transform Tool).
  3. Click Return/Enter once you're satisfied with the shape.

Step 5: Deleting the Elipse Selection

Click the first layer with the ellipse and click Delete Key. Next, Delete the Ellipse copy layer by dragging it down to the Delete Layer Button.

Deleting the Elipse Selection

Step 6: Rotating the Swoosh

  1. Drag the swoosh layer beneath the Text Layer
  2. With the swoosh layer still selected, click Command-T/Control-T to Rotate the swoosh.

Step 7: Loading the Selection

Command-Click/Control-Click on the Swoosh Layer to load the selection.

Step 8: Positioning the Swoosh

With the swoosh selected, hold down the Alt Key and use one of the selection tools to select the part of the area you want the ring to go behind. In my example, I used the Polygon Lasso tool to go around the bottom right hand part of the Letter but you could use the rectangular, elliptical, or any of the others. Just make sure to go around the part of the letter that you want the swoosh to go behind.

Positioning the Swoosh

Step 9: Rasterizing the Layer

  1. Right click on the Text layer and choose Rasterize Layer.
  2. Click Delete and you're finished.

For added effects, apply some Layer Effects to your final image.

Rasterizing the Layer

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