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Photoshop: Creating Custom Grids and Backgrounds

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Create a New File
  2. Using the Zoom Tool, zoom in really close to get a good look at the canvas

Step 2: Setting up the Canvas

  1. Fill the canvas with a dark Gray. (Select a grayForeground Color then click Alt-Delete to fill with Foreground Color.)
  2. Now select a medium gray to be used for the grid.
  3. Using the Pencil Tool and the smallest Square Brush size, create the pattern shown.
Setting up the Canvas

Setting up the Canvas
  1. Select All (Select>All)
Select All

Step 3: Defining the New Pattern

Define as Pattern by going to Edit>Define Pattern and give your new pattern a name.

Defining the New Pattern

Step 4: Apply the new Pattern

  1. Create a new larger file
  2. Fill the new file with the Pattern (Edit>Fill... and choose Pattern)
  3. Select the Pattern you just created and select OK


And the finished grid:

Finished Grid

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