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Photoshop CS2: Cool Dots

Version: Photoshop CS2
Level: Easy
Objectives: Learn to create the Photoshop techno-dot effect that can be used for both text and web graphics.
Tools & Techniques: Channels, Filters, Color Halftone, Selections
Posting Date: 01.27.07

Step 1: Getting Started

Create a New File

Step 2: Creating a New Channel

  1. In the channels palette click the Create New Channel button.
  2. You can accept the default name of Alpha 1.
Creating a New Channel

Step 3: Creating an Ellipse

  1. Make an Oval Selection using the Elliptical Marquee Tool.
  2. Fill with white.
  3. Deselect by clicking Commmand-D/Control-D
  4. Blur by going to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. I used 12 but experiment.
Creating an Ellipse

Step 4: Adding the Distortion

Go up to Filter>Distort>Twirl

Step 5: Applying the Color Halftone Filter

  1. Filter>Pixelate>Color Halftone
  2. I used a Max Radius of 10 but as you experiment with different shapes and sizes you'll want to also experiment with these settings
Color Halftone Filter

Step 6: Loading the Selection

  1. Return to the Layers Palette and create a new layer Layer>New Layer
  2. Load the selection
  3. Go up to Select>Load Selection and load Alpha 1 from the drop down menu

Loading the Selection

Loading the Selection

Step 7: Making the Background Color

  1. Fill the selection with the foreground color by going to Edit>Fill... and choose Foreground Color from the Contents option in the popup window
  2. Deselect by going up to Select>Deselect or click Command-D/Control-D
Making the Background Color



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