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Photoshop Elements 2: Adding a Border to an Image

Version: 2.0
Objectives: Learn how to use selections to quickly add a colored border to your images.
Tools & Techniques: Creating Borders, Layer Selections, Stroke

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Open an image you'd like to apply the border to
  2. If the image is on the Background layer, double click the layer, name it and click OK

Step 2: Creating the Selection

  1. Hold down the Command/Control key and click on the layer. This creates an active selection around the image.
Layer Selection


  1. Go to Edit > Stroke... to bring open the Stroke dialog window
  2. Enter a value for the Width
  3. Click the Color picker to select a color
  4. Location indicates where the Stroke will be placed. I'm using the default setting of Center
  5. You also have the option of applying Blending modes to your stroke for some special effects.
  6. Click OK

The final image:

Final Image



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