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Creating Links Without Underlines:

This is really simple. To Create a link, say to your personal website or to an item on your website that you want visitors to go to to get more information, just Copy and Paste this in the Description field on your Seller's page:

and then make the changes to the specified areas below:

Let's break this code apart to better understand what we're working with:

<a href=http://www.cbtcafe.com style=text-decoration:none>Click here to visit my Website </a>

The first part: <a href= is an HTML tag that tells the browser that this is a link and that it will link to a web address. Don't change this part.

The next part: http://www.cbtcafe.com is the URL, thats where you will substitute your own web address.

The third part: style=text-decoration:none> is telling the browser that it's a text link and to not give any decoration to the link, meaning not to underline it. This is where we remove the underline link. Don't change this part.

The fourth part: Click here to visit my Website can be anything you like:) This is up to you.

The last part: </a> is the closing tag for the link. Don't forget that.



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