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Links: Visit My Other Auctions

You've seen other people's links to their personal page on their listings. How do they do that? Are they HTML masters? Are they professionals? Maybe, but they might have seen our little lesson here:

Try it out here:

See My Other Auctions!

To create a link to your other auctions, use this code:

Where you would replace your User ID with my User ID: "cbtcafe". Also, you can replace the link text, "See My Other Auctions" with any text you want. Just be sure to not delete any of the code around it.

Don't try and retype that. Ouch! You can easily make a mistake ( I know I would and frequently do). Use the Copy/Paste technique.

And here's where/how you make it work on Ebay™:

That code will produce this in your listing:

If you notice there's an image. I used the code for generating extra images. You can find that lesson here:

As you can see, you don't need to know HTML, you just need to know what to edit:)





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