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Create an E-mail Link on your auction listing

This is a great tip that let's viewers click a link from your listing that sends an email to your email account. You can also create a custom Subject line for each email so you know what the email is about.

For example, you could put the item name and number for each subject so you'll know which item the email is about.

Let's first work with creating a simple email link.

Just copy and paste this code in the Description Field for your listing.

Make sure to replace info@cbtcafe.com with your OWN email address AND Email Me to the text of your choice. The Email Me is the text that appears on your page as the text that links to your email. You could also say something like: Contact me for more information, For more info click here, etc.

To create the subject line, copy and paste the following code into the Description Field:

Because of code limitations on Ebay, you can't use spaces in your subject line. You CAN, however, use dashes (-) to substitute as spaces.

In this example you would substitute the info@cbtcafe.com for your own email address, change the TrCD-85353DW for your OWN subject and change Email Me! for any other text you would like to use for your link.



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