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Cute FTP 4.2

Step 1. The first step is to Add A Site. This is the site where your images will be stored. You will first need to set up a hosting account or have one already available. You should check out some of the free hosing services if your current ISP doesn't already offer a small space for you.

Go ahead and double-click the CuteFTP icon on your desktop to launch the program.

Step 2. Click "New" at the bottom of your Site Window.

Step 3. Begin entering the information for your site on the right side. An explanation of each field is below:

Label: This is the name you give the site. You can name it ANYTHING you like. It's just so you can keep track of your sites.

FTP Host Address: This is the actual address of the site. Generally, it will be in the form: ftp.cbtcafe.com or it could just be a number: If you don't know the address, check with your hosting or service provider and tell them you need your "ftp address".

FTP site User Name: This is also referred to as your "login name" This too will be provided by your service or hosting provider. It is case sensitive, so type it in exactly as it is given to you.

FTP site Password: This too is provided by your service or hosting provider. It often will be a combination of letters and numbers or could be either. This too is case sensitive.

FTP site connection port: Generally, this will always be set to the default of 21. If it is different, it would be provided along with your user name and password by your service or hosting provider but in nearly every case it will be 21.

Login Type: set to normal.


Step 4. Click connect once you've properly entered your information

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