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Whenever possible, it's recommended you copy/paste URL's when linking your sites. It's just too easy to make a mistake and I know. I've spent more time debugging broken links only to find a typo on some part of the link.

So, let's say my images is here: http://www.cbtcafe.com/ebay/duck.jpg. You can see this URL in the address field below:

Now, I could type this back into Ebay's Picture URL field on the Seller's page, but why take the chance. I'll copy and paste it.

To copy and paste, click and drag over the text you want to copy. This will highlight the text.

To copy the text you can do one of two things: right click on the seleted text and select Copy from the menu or use the way I prefer: to click Control-C (Command-C for Mac users). This will copy the text to the clipboard until you paste it or until you copy something else. You won't really have a visual telling you it's copied, you'll have to find that out when you try to paste it if you copied correctly.

To paste, go to the field on Ebay's Seller's page and for Picture URL, hightlight the "http://" text in there and then right click in the box and select Paste from the menu.

You can alternatively, use a shortcut. Highlight the "http://" text in the Picture URL field and click Control-V (Command-V for Mac users). The reason you're highlighting it is because you want to paste over it. Remember, if you're copying from the browser window and you're copying the entire address, you will already have selected the "http://" and you DONT WANT to have it two times. You can alternatively just select it and delete it and then paste in the field.

That's it. Do you want to try?

Paste it in the field below.

Good Luck!



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