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Acquiring Images

The first and most important step in getting your images to the Web is to get them in DIGITAL FORMAT first.

You have 4 ways to do this:

1. Digital Cameras. By far the best way to quickly get your image to your computer. Digital Cameras take pictures in Digital Format so you only need to connect the camera to your computer and transfer the files. Some cameras, like the Mavica, have a floppy disk that goes into the camera. After you take your pictures, take the floppy disk out of the camera and slide the floppy disk into your computer and transfer your images to your hard drive.

2. Digital Imaging Services. You can find these services at places like Kodak, Kinkos, and any other local digital service place. I would recommend you get your hands on a scanner or digital camera yourself and bypass these service houses. It gets expensive after a short time having these places process your images for you. Camera prices are at an all time low and you can get a good quality camera for around $200.00. Check www.zdnet.com for reviews on cameras and scanners or just look on Ebay™!

3. Scanners. Scanners are an intermediary between your traditional camera and your computer. Photos taken with a regular camera are developed as usual and then scanned into digital format. Scanners will save the digital version to your computer. You can also use the digital imaging places for scanning. Kinkos will let you rent their scanners. Again, try and get your own as soon as you can. Paying people for something you can do on your own is

4. VHS. If you have a VHS Video Camera you can film your images and have the images on VHS tape transferred to your computer. To do this you will need a Video Capture Board or again, take your VHS tape to a digital imaging service place and pay them to do it. This is the most expensive and inefficient way to get your images in digital format.


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